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    0– ISO 9001:2000 – Quality Management Systems

    – ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems (currently undergoing level II certification)







IMS Policy

The quality of services our company provides assures its success and prosperity.

Content Client is our Goal

Therefore, we emphasise professional communication, timely responses, reliability, competitiveness and, above all, understanding the client’s needs.


Constant improvement of applied processes is our goal

We consider our individual job tasks as the integral parts of the processes involved in providing our services that are further incorporated in the follow-up procedures. We monitor and observe our work and processes and set indicators for their further improvement.


Preventing mistakes is our goal

If we are able to identify the cause or the potential to cause a mistake, we are able to qualify and quantify the mistake and systematically work towards its elimination form the process.


The company prosperity is our goal

We know that only a content customer provides grounds for prosperity and further company development.


Constant improvement of our attitude towards environment based on preventing pollution is our goal

We constantly monitor all environment-related aspects of our activities and evaluate their impact on the environment. We adopt ways to optimize the impact.


To be in compliance with all respective rules and regulations and additional legal requirements is our goal

We assure timely identification of all legislative requirements and additional obligations relevant to our company business practice by closely monitoring our compliance with the legal provisions register.

We have adopted the below listed rules in our company:

• All supervisors and managers follow the company strategy and observe this integrated management system policy to set an example for their colleagues;

• We keep our employees highly motivated as only a quality oriented and environmentally responsible behaviour pursuing loyal employee can overcome any subjective barriers;

• Each company employee is responsible for quality, environmentally responsible conduct and their work practice constant improvement, thus supporting the company goals;

• Team work emphasis and content and motivated employees provide the solid basis for the company success;

• We constantly work towards increasing our employees qualification enabling the increased quality of the provided services and environmentally responsible behaviour;

• We observe all laws, regulations and rulings of the respective administrative bodies in our business practice;

• We are actively involved in the work of professional organizations and liaise with local authorities.


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