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Our Team

Our people stand at the center of everything we do in Zátiší Group. This is why our team includes some of the best professionals in the industry.


Sanjiv Suri - President of Zátiší Group


When I first came to Prague in the early 1990’s, I was enchanted. However, I quickly realized that the field of catering and culinary arts was still an uncharted territory. I decided to change that and opened my first place, V Zátiší wine bar. Since then, the business has grown and prospered, and the Czech Republic has become my home.


My four children, Virat, Jacqueline, Shaan and Jasmine are the greatest source of happiness in my life.








Tel.: +420 222 221 438

Email: sanjiv.suri,zatisigroup,cz



Martina Grygar Březinová - CEO

Martina has been named one of the TOP 25 Women of Czech Business several times and Forbes magazine has often listed her among the most influential Czech women. She had been working as Executive Director at Zátiší Group since January.









Tel.: +420 222 212 787

Email: martina.brezinova,zatisigroup,cz


Dana Krautstenglová - Director


It was crazy to quit a good job at the age of 50 and join Mr. Suri in his uncertain enterprise. The only thing I knew about him was that he comes from India and is 31. Also, as an economist I had no experience in gastronomy until that time, but it was a challenge and so I took it up.


Today, after seventeen years of cooperation and building up the company, I can say that they have been the most beautiful and fulfilling years of my life.

 Tel.: +420 261 174 028

Email: dana,zatisigroup,cz



David Tomašovych - Managing Director Zátiší Catering, Kongresové centrum Praha


Zatisi Group – it is my last fifteen years. And they have been very busy years! I started in the Parnas restaurant. I spent two afternoons there and on the third I joined the restaurant V Zatisi. First as a waiter and gradually I worked my way up to a Deputy Manager. For a short time I came back to Parnas, then back to V Zatisi and in between I have launched a new restaurant Circle Line. My next task was to “close” the legendary Corona bar and to establish a new fine dining restaurant called Mlynec. When this mission was completed, I moved to the Prague Congress Centre ás the Operations Manager with responsibility for the catering of all events held in the Congress Centre and at our venue called ZOOM Unique Place.


All these changes and the freedom and opportunity to bring my ideas to life are what I really enjoy; and of course good food – steaks mainly.



 Mob.: +420 603 329 748

Email: david.tomasovych,zatisigroup,cz



Jan Šmehlaus - Managing Director


I started working for Zátiší Group during my first University year. I graduated from the Bio-medical Faculty of the Czech Technical University. I know, this has nothing to do with catering, but if if 0someone were to get sick during an event, I would be ready to help. :-)

My work is fully satisfactory to me. You may rely on the fact that the team managing and operating your event is the utmost professional and will cater to all your requests. My goal is to exceed your expectations and assure that our services result in an unforgettable experience for you.I represent President Prague Club in field hockey (not floor ball!!) in my free time and when it comes to winter sports, I am an avid snowboarder.

I like good food and tasty wines, even a glass of cold Pilsner. Truffles are my greatest delight, but I never turn down my Mother’s marinated beef sirloin with creamy-vegetable sauce.







GSM: +420 605 203 580  

E-mail: jan.smelhaus,zatisigroup,cz



Marek Schneider - Managing Director, Division Palác Žofín

I commenced my exciting journey throughout the culinary world in 1996 by graduating from a Hotel School in Retz, Austria. Since then, I have been gathering knowledge and gaining experience worldwide.

I landed on the island rich with various tastes and fragrances upon my return from Asia in 2008. I have become your “journey to gastronomic orgasm” tour guide that often starts with but a vague image and empty stomach. It is entirely up to you, what weapons you arm yourselves with – spoons, forks, toothpicks or fingers. You may rest assured that your taste buds will appreciate any of the various ways of consuming food.

I have tasted a lot of things – from fried scorpions in China to dried grasshoppers in central Mexico, but my champions remain: the rose champagne, Russian caviar and marinated beef sirloin with creamy-vegetable sauce made by Granny. And what do I like doing when away from my job? Wandering around the world….





GSM: +420 605 200 289

Email: marek.schneider,zatisigroup,cz



Libor Pavlíček - Managing Director V Zátiší


I think I am not far from being considered an inventory item at V Zátiší Group.

I have been here virtually since the beginning. It sounds almost unreal, but I started out in 1993 as a rookie waiter at the Parnas restaurant, from where I went – probably by a lucky turn of the wheel of fortune – to V Zátiší. Slowly but steadily, I had moved up the career ladder to the positions of Chef de Rang, the Deputy Manager and in 2001, to the post of the Managing Director. In 2007, I helped at Bellevue briefly to form a new team, but today I am back at “my” V Zátiší. I think it is clear what has kept me here all those years – great opportunities for further education and career growth, plus gastronomy and services at the top level. Zátiší provides ample space for experiments and innovation and dedicates by no means insignificant funds to this field.

As far as food is concerned, I can eat almost anything, but what I really have a soft spot for are wines. I love Riesling wines from South Moravia, Rhineland and Alsace more than anything.




Tel.: +420 222 221 155

Mob.: +420 604 541 658

Email: libor.pavlicek,zatisigroup,cz



František Novák - Restaurant Manager Bellevue


Gastronomy has been a part of our family life for three generations now. After completing my studies abroad, I worked in the tourism industry, but always felt the need to return to our field. In five years at Bellevue, I have worked in virtually every position, which allowed me to get a detailed understanding of the restaurant operations.

Constant progress, looking for and creating new trends, a great team and the support of a large, established company are the main reasons why I cannot imagine my professional life without Bellevue. I dedicate my free time primarily to my family. I enjoy relaxing while watching a good film, but also like to stay active – spending time at the mountains, travelling or pursuing sports activities.







Tel.: +420 222 221 443

Mob.: +420 604 229 709

Email: frantisek.novak,zatisigroup,cz



Pavel Štěpánek - Restaurant Manager Mlýnec


The company has become very dear to me throughout the many years I have already spent at Zátiší Group (since 1997). Performing different roles,

I have worked in almost all companies affiliated in the Group, including Catering. I learnt something new at each place I worked, and met there a number of exceptional people who later became my close friends. Therefore, I try to make sure that all our guests are satisfied with our services and keep coming back as they are our future.

When looking at the Charles Bridge from the Mlýnec terrace, I feel a great deal of respect for our ancestors and things they created for us. Reaching to the roots of our traditional cuisine has inspired me and at the same time opened an endless number of opportunities to experiment, applying modern gastronomy approaches and trends.

I like both authentic cuisines and gastronomic experiments. My favourite wine is Pinot Noir that tastes the best when grown in Bourgogne, but I also enjoy it when produced by our local wine masters who know how to achieve excellent quality.

I look forward to your visit in Mlýnec!


Tel.: +420 277 000 777

Mob: +420 777 263 531

Email: pavel.stepanek,zatisigroup,cz



Alena Větrovcová - Marketing Manager


When I was asked during my job interview in 1998, “What are your positive traits?” the only answer I was able to come up with was: “I love people and I am emphatic…” Back then, I was convinced that without proper experience and formal education that could not be enough. Time tells that these are the most important things for working in this field. Perhaps, thanks to the fact that Zátiší is full of people who feel the same, I still enjoy my work – even after all those years. In my free time, I usually go jogging or visit a gym, but it is a form of relaxation, not a sport :-). And my attitude towards food? I love it more and more – all kinds of food and from all parts of the world, but the best food is naturally prepared by my husband and my Mom.  

Tel.: +420 222 212 787

Email: alena.vetrovcova,zatisigroup,cz


Naděžda Bartáková - Head of Sales

0I love food and professionalism. I have been working in the advertising and event business for about 10 years. Throughout the time, I have had the opportunity to taste various delicacies and observe the work of several catering companies, and I have always admired the Zátiší Group, considering it the market leader in the field. When I received the offer to join their excellent and highly professional team, I did not hesitate and accepted the offer as a great challenge.

I really like travelling, getting to know different cultures and tasting exotic food. I have travelled around the most of Europe, Asia and North America. I spend my free time with my family. My husband and I, we love our two children who are the best teachers and a never-ending source of inspiration.





Tel.: +420 277 000 101

Mob.: +420 605 241 557

Email: nadezda.bartakova,zatisigroup,cz