Drinking water is taken for granted by many people, but for many others it is often a matter of life or death. Do you know that polluted water is the main cause of death for children under 5 years of age? Do you know that one in three people on Planet Earth have no access to basic hygiene?
UNICEF provides drinking water for children in more than 100 countries. That’s why we decided to celebrate World Water Day by helping the UNICEF Foundation.  For every lunch we sold from Monday, 20 March, to Wednesday, March 22, we donated 1 CZK to help UNICEF provide a real gift of life for millions – a hand water pump.
One hand pump can provide drinking water for an entire community. Safe drinking water greatly reduces the number of sick children and also increases school attendance, because children – and especially girls – will not have to spend their days carrying water from a river or lake a long way from their village. The pump is made of stainless steel, is adapted for a tropical environment and works to a depth of 45 meters.
We wish to give a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful and loyal customers who helped us raise 10,457 CZK in the three days. (That’s 10,457 lunches! Wow!)  That's even more than the price of the pump, which is 10,052 CZK. We sent the money to UNICEF and have learned that the pump it bought will provide drinking water to an entire village in Rwanda. The remaining 405 CZK will be used to purchase 3,279 water purification tablets (each tablet purifies up to 5 litres of water).
We thank you all! If you wish to hear details on how and specifically where the handpump is now helping to save lives, the story will be told soon.


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