Happiness is the way

Six months ago, I shared with you the story about how I fainted in the South of France due to three severe slip discs in my lower back, the need for immediate surgery and how I should be walking around with 2 Titanium rods in my lower spine ever after.

Well, six months later I would like to report back on my progress. I refused to go through the surgery. I also refused the heavy cocktail of pain killers and steroids to overcome the severe pain. Pain has the wonderful ability to bring you to the present moment and the mind stops to wander in the past or in the future. I chose to use this peace of mind on a path of diligent physiotherapy and exercise (45-60 min a day), Meditation (not Medication) at least 30 min daily & regular WALKs (30-45 min a day). I actually found the meaning for walk - Witness Accept Love and Know thyself. :-)

Eight months after I started, my backache is much better & I have come to realize that:

a) My body can make and administer the precise balance of Neurochemicals that can reverse illness and cure any dis-ease.

b) My body possesses the inate capability to heal itself.

c) I can consciously influence & direct the body’s output of healthy chemicals through meditation.

“Whether You believe you can, or you believe you can NOT, You are RIGHT“ because of the neurochemicals your body can produce in either case. :-)

“Our body is composed of 50-100 trillion cells working in syncronicity (co-ordinating with each other in real time without any channels of communication) fighting disease, making a baby, digesting food, excreting waste, converting air into energy, doing physical activity and thinking thoughts, all at the same time. How can we take a few of these cells and try to do something to them without affecting the others?”

In a similar fashion I have come to realize that the Universe also functions in complete Synchronicity. :-) I was once confronted with the question: “Do U think that U can actually take over the Universe and improve it?” Maybe at one time I thought I could, but not any more. It is now perfect as it is and I am Happily enjoying all the miraculous things happening around me all the time with the completeness of my natural being and absolute peace of mind.

Einstein once said: “You have to decide whether you live in a Universe that is supportive of you or is Hostile to you. Once you have decided, the Universe will behave accordingly.” This is no surprise as the contents of our thoughts and emotions directly and immediately affect our biochemistry and scientifically the mind and memory exist in all the cells of our body, not just in our brain.

Once I started to live in a Universe that was supportive of me, I could TRUST again just like I did when I was in the Womb. At that time I did not worry about not getting the nose or the fingers or the heart or anything else for that matter. I just TRUSTED and now as I start to trust again, I have started on a Spiritual journey (if it can be called a journey at all because I am only exploring inside myself) and the realization has dawned upon me that I have spent a lifetime trying to get to Happiness thru accumulation and enjoyment but there is no way to Happiness, HAPPINESS IS THE WAY. :-)

So when you change the way you look at things, things begin to change. :-)

I have now realized that I can Love but in a very different way than before i. e. without any attachment or self interest. Swami Parthasarthy has come up with an equation:



“The beginning of LOVE is to let those we Love be perfectly themselves & not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them”, said Thomas Merton.


I wouldn't coax the plant,
such watchful nurturing
may do it harm.

Let the soil rest from so much
digging & wait until it is dry
before watering it.

Let the leaves incline to find their
own direction & give them a chance
to seek the sunlight for themselves.

Much growth is stuned by too
careful prodding, too eager

The things we love the most,
we have to learn to leave alone.

Tao Te Ching


I have also realized that “MORE is the Slogan of the EGO” so I can be living in contentment with whatever I have. I have no entitlement and am humbly grateful for whatever I get. More importantly what anyone says or does has NO impact on my Happiness. So I have taken control of my life & decided to be Happy irrespective of

any events in my life. I have also realized that I have much more than what I need and I can share – and as I share, that enhances my Happiness immensely. :-)

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