I would like to formally thank Mr. Suri and all the people in the Zátiší Group, who helped to organize the One World 2017 festival! Without your support and help the festival would never have taken place.

As the theme of One World 2017 we chose the "Art of Cooperation," which really resonated with the public. We all clearly saw the benefits of cooperation in the One World for All program, which opened the festival to people with visual, hearing, physical and psychological disabilities.

The festival offered 114 documentary films and seven projects involving virtual reality. We again opened a spectator centre at the Lucerna Gallery, where we provided events linked to the documentaries. The festival was visited by about 50,000 people in Prague. Afternoon and evening projections welcomed 32,663 spectators, and 13, 141 students and teachers came to the school projections. Other people attended accompanying events, such as projections for parents and their children and for teachers. More than 230 filmmakers came to Prague, and there were many human rights activists and organizers of human rights film festivals.

Filip Rameš
Chief Executive Officer of One World

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